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School Code:70186


Rising from humble beginnings in 1995, GKA society was founded with the sole intention of imparting services to the society with the hope of structuring ‘A Better Tomorrow’. With a dream of providing for future generations a broad and stimulating educational experience of the highest quality, today the GKA society has reached almost all corners of India. With almost 25 years of legacy and experience behind it, the GKA society has continued to Ballia and impart highest levels of academic and moral excellence to its students. All the members of our non-profit and non-proprietary establishments believe that school life should be valued for itself with inspirational and rewarding experiences which will lead them to a successful adulthood. In today’s transcending times, education is a quintessential and highly challenging time for students. Guided by esteemed members and a group of talented as well as dedicated teachers who are constantly innovating, GKA society works towards preparing its students to achieve very high standards in both the formal curriculum and in many extra-curricular activities. We hope that their involvement in and enjoyment of both work and play will help them to become enterprising young people ready to make their contribution in the years ahead.

GKA Ballia

Among great fanfare on the 05th of April 1995, the inauguration of GKA Ballia. Yet another addition to the echelons of well established GKA schools, GKA Ballia, has been established with the single minded perseverance of carrying forward the legacy of its parent organization- that of being an institute which is a compendium of holistic education and over all development of a child. Our talented, diverse communities of students and teachers have enabled us to build a close-knit supportive team of enthusiastic learners of all ages. Ample scope for development of the students is ensured by the positive physical environment of the school. Lush-green lawns, spacious and well ventilated class-rooms facilitate both- the physical as well as the social environment of the school. These comfortable surroundings allow the students to develop optimally. Constant enhancement of teaching skills of the staff at GKA guarantees that our teachers are competent to handle the different needs of learners. The number of students, i.e. 40 in pre-primary and approximately 50 in higher classes, grants plenty of scope for individual attention to the students. the teachers can each student’s emotional, behavioural and needs. With provision for Nursery and KG schooling, GKA offers the 10+2years of schooling in affiliation with Central Board Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), which is the largest School in the country for primary secondary and higher secondary education.

Security guards in the school premises and fleet of buses for safe passage of each child to school and home ensures maximum safety of our students. Furthermore, our students without any discrimination are allowed equal access to the on campus facilities which are as follows:

* Well-equipped computer Labs and Library

* Separate room for art, music and dance

* Audio-Visual room

* State-of-Art facilities for indoor and outdoor games

* Cricket Ground

* Basketball Court

* Skating Track